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MICHELIN and Your Farm (RFD-TV)

Our dedication to North America farmers

At Michelin, we want you to get the most out of your farm. Learn how Michelin stands behind the quality and reliability of our tires and our dedication to North America farmers.

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Edito axiobib2 at work Tire


Edito axiobib2 at work Tire


Services and solutions

Discover our services and tools to support you on a daily basis in the management of your farm and the protection of your soils.

Services and solutions

Discover our services and tools to support you on a daily basis in the management of your farm and the protection of your soils.

Michelin and RFD-TV, "What makes a good AG tire?"

Rose Farms explains the importance of a good quality Ag tire to help their efficiency and productivity in the fields.

Michelin and RFD-TV, "Why do farmers farm?"

Jon Rose of Jon Rose Farms talks about the importance farming in North America. From family to the tires you select for your equipment, and how Michelin has made his priorities their priorities.

Edito Agriculture universe Tire

Do you work on a farm, as a grain farmer or stockbreeder, in the timber industry, in a plant nursery or in the maintenance of green spaces, or in the world of viticulture, arboriculture or market gardening? As experts from the Michelin Group, we have been accompanying all agricultural professionals for more than a century. We apply all our know-how, skills and innovation to respecting and protecting soil. We help you optimize your operating costs, including fuel savings and improved agronomic efficiencies while reducing soil settling and compaction.

The diversity of activities in the world of agriculture leads us to respond to all challenges, from self-employment to mixed farming or livestock activities, from agricultural cooperatives to agro-industries, or from cereal growing to agricultural work enterprises (ETA).

We work to bring you the best solution: the right tire at the right size and our technologies such as the low pressure tire. These solutions make a lasting contribution to optimizing the mobility, lifespan, traction and comfort performance of all your agricultural machinery.

Whatever equipment you work with, tractor, trailer, combine harvester, spreader, sprayer, tanker, as well as harvesting, processing or handling equipment, take advantage of the Michelin Group’s complete and specialized offer. We offer a wide range of agricultural tire sizes, such as the 540/65R28, 650/65R38, 650/65R42, 600/65R28, and 710/70R42 to equip your fleet of vehicles.

Our Michelin representatives, our practical advice as well as our pressure calculators and tire selector offer you personalized quality support. We invite you to take advantage of our large network of reseller partners to provide you with peace of mind.

Together, let's take up the challenges of sustainable and responsible agriculture!

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