background visuel contexte xty2 tire
background visuel contexte xty2 tire

Off-road / Government

For military and civilian rugged terrain applications

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Durability and grip on all types of difficult terrains

Mud, sand, abrasive or aggressive ground, as well as versatility for road conditions... whatever your working terrain, excluding asphalt, Michelin brings you an adapted product solution. Our MICHELIN® X® FORCE™ range will be your trusted ally in your off-road operations, for both military and civilian vehicles.

véhicule man carrière

Edito fire truck france Tire

Edito military vehicles Tire

Véhicule militaire équipé en X FORCE

Military vehicles in action

Edito xforce camion Tire

Camion militaire dans le sable équipé de pneus Michelin X Force

The robustness of MICHELIN® X® FORCE™ in action:

MICHELIN - X® FORCE™ - Run flat performance demonstration - EN

Flat rolling test under FINABEL protocol. Objective: drive 100km with a deflated tire. The MICHELIN® X® FORCE™ (in 335/80 R20) passes the test with flying colours!

photo mercedes unimog fire truck


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