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pneu minning MICHELIN xtxl

Reading and understanding sidewall markings

How to read the sidewall of a construction, industrial or mining tire.

Basic principles:

The markings on a tire sidewall gives you information to help you choose the product best suited to your needs.

Example with the MICHELIN X®MINE™ D2:

1. Nominal tire section width (in inches): 35
2. Tire series: H/S = 0.65
3. Radial structure R
4. Rim diameter (in inches): 33
5. Tire load capacity index **
6. Type of use: loader (L) with large tread depth (5)
7. Radial tire
8. Tire for loader
9. Tubeless tire
10. Manufacturer: MICHELIN®
11. Range name: X®MINE™ D2

xmined2 tire

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xmined2 tire


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Tire XCRANE 525/80 R25

Picto image pneu marquage xcrane Help and Advice

Tire XCRANE 525/80 R25


Radial Structure
Nominal tire section width (in mm): 525
Tire series (H/S): 80
Rim diameter (in inches): 25
Tubeless Tire
Manufacturer: MICHELIN®
Range name: X®CRANE™ +

12. Tire load capacity index 170
13. Tire reference speed code: F
14 - Regroovable

xdr2 tire

Picto image pneu marquage xdr2 Help and Advice

xdr2 tire


Radial Structure
Nominal tire section width (in mm): 37
Rim diameter (in inches): 57
Tubeless Tire
Manufacturer: MICHELIN®

15. Type of rubber: B4 (cf. Technical documentation)

Range name: XDR2
Identification code E4 (transport, “deep” tread)
Load capacity **

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